Hello. My name is Will McInnes / @willmcinnes / LinkedIn.

I’ve spent my career at the messy, interesting intersection where new technology, human behavior and organizations collide.


  • On a brief and very enjoyable career break before starting my next challenge 🙂
  • Host of Here Right Now – the podcast exploring the future that’s already here
  • Advisor at various – helping entrepreneurial people scale what they’re doing
  • Author of Culture Shock, a book about 21st century business.


  • Chief Marketing Officer at Brandwatch, transforming how organisations understand what their customers really think of them – scaled business globally from $20m to >$100m in recurring revenues. Exited in 2021 through acquisition.
  • Founded NixonMcInnes – first social media consultancy in Europe, doing ground breaking work for Coca-Cola, Barclays, BBC, Cisco etc. The alumni of this team are all doing amazing work in interesting places.
  • Established Meaning – an awesome conference on better business, you should definitely go.
  • Board director at a few brilliant not-for-profits

My LinkedIn profile is the most complete place for the story so far.