I love spreading ideas that I’m passionate about to audiences that are looking for a jolt.


I typically speak about:

  • the future of business
  • the evolution of marketing
  • the near-future of technology
  • (and often, two or three of those topics together)

I speak around the world:

Recent engagements have been in London, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Brighton – my home town 🙂


I spoke at TEDx Brighton about some ideas I really believe in about the potential of business to make life and the world better.

I spoke at Rebuild21 in Copenhagen on Purpose, Passion and Profit.

And two years earlier I spoke at Rebuild 21about Meaning Organisations, ideas which I have morphed into our evolving view of what a ‘Social Business’ is at NixonMcInnes.

I spoke at Projekt Arbejdsglæde (‘Project Work-joy’) in Copenhagen about NixonMcInnes culture in the context of happiness at work.

What people say:

Other pieces of me:

LinkedIn bio


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