Behold the Golden Cockroach!

Behold the Golden Cockroach!

This gorgeous cockroach came to me as a metaphor when talking recently with the team about how well our little business is equipped to fare in the continuing global financial ‘long bath’ double-dip recession.

I love cockroaches. And foxes, seagulls, rats, honey badgers, that kinda thing – animals that thrive in changed circumstances. (I think this value is also why I love the Hexayurt, and keep going on about it).


There’s a lotta shit written about the future of business. And some of it is good shit. Particularly enjoying Makers by Cory Doctorow at the moment which speaks directly to this vibe too.

I hope that in our efforts to be different that we are designing NixonMcInnes to be a special kinda cockroach – our bejewelled Golden Cockroach. If it needs to, it will survive whatever comes next 🙂

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