Bookshelves of the future

I suddenly began to think about the books that we have on the bookshelves at NixonMcInnes.

Each one that I have read represents a mini-journey, sometimes just a step and sometimes a leap.

Each one is remembered for its key ideas, the time and place that it was read in – each book tagged with memories and expectations.

And together they represent more – an aggregate, a narrative of the journey particularly because we were reading them to learn and directly inform the company’s early development. Part of our ‘street MBA’, to borrow from a Spanish colleague on a recent course.

Which got me to bookshelves.

Bookshelves as containers for memories.
Bookshelves as stories.
Bookshelves as trophy cabinets.
Bookshelves as personal or group manifesto.

Now, with my Kindle clutched, what will my bookshelf be or do?

Now, with content and ideas fragmenting and my learning happening just in time, facts fetched by search engine and feeds gather by reader, links stumbled upon in social networks, how will I curate my own bookshelf?

How will I remember what I got from where? Most importantly to me how will I share what I’ve found and enjoyed?

I wonder.

5 thoughts on “Bookshelves of the future

  1. @Ged – I had a similar thought. But what might that look like? Holograms is something popping in to my head, which is weird.

    @Ross – that is very much part of what I’m getting at. The ambient awareness and sharing of content at the point of consumption / storage. LOVE IT 🙂

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