My TEDx talk on ‘Radicalising Business’ through Happiness, Openness and Participation

I was lucky enough to be able to talk at the excellent inaugural TEDx Brighton, the theme of which was ‘Reasons to be Cheerful’.

What I wanted to do was to help spread some ideas that are already gaining their own momentum, but also to group them together in a package that I feel is hugely important, beneficial and practical for businesses.

The ideas are simply around harnessing Happiness, Openness and Participation in business.

Having watched it again there are things I’d deliver differently, but I’m still excited by the message and the opportunity that the world has to make this big ol’ business thing fundamentally better for all.

The video – 12 minutes 54 seconds

If you enjoyed, please find a way to spread the ideas – buy the books, tell a friend, share the video with a few people, implement the Happy Balls Blueprint at your workplace. This is too important to let go.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “My TEDx talk on ‘Radicalising Business’ through Happiness, Openness and Participation

  1. This is painful. The very idea that you could ‘radicalise’ business is this way is a patronising nonsense. Please please drop the self-congratulatory waffle (reminds me of Pret a Manger) and try to be honest – you teach people how to use online tools which are designed to be self-explanatory.

    At least bankers are truthful. F**k your tennis balls.


    Let’s see if you’re ‘open’ about this comment!

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