Culture Shock draft cover designs

Hello people,

So it’s close now – I have feedback on the manuscript from Wiley, and in tandem we are working with design agency Crush on the cover designs.

We’d love your feedback on the design directions:

Which directions do you like?

Any other feedback?

Get involved and leave your feedback in the comments below or email me at

Thanks as always, Will.

25 thoughts on “Culture Shock draft cover designs

  1. i like number 2 with the pink background and the match. Lighting fires, pheonix rising, lots of stuff about fire that links with the content. The first one with the soviet style hammer makes me think that the book is about socialism in society, not business. The choices of colours are all great and i agree about the last 6 being too boring. sorry.

  2. I’m torn – I love number 3 – the emphasis on shock and that fucking awesome bomb image.

    But, the sort of apt soviet imagery on number 1 is great, and I thought that the shocking pink cover of number 2 would stand out on a book shop shelf.


  3. HOW exciting to get this far. I actually really like 6 and 7. I think the pink would date quite quickly; the first three could seem too ‘activist’ and put off the people that *really* need to read this. On the fence about the match tho – adds a subtle hint but could also stop the book being brought in an office/passed on to bosses?

  4. Not keen on the font on all the black ones – I get culture shook. Like the green, but didn’t get the bomb straightaway – looked liked a sweet. Like number two best for impact and metaphor

  5. I like No.7. It’s classy and considered. the white line might extend down to just above the match… Like a stylised fuse….The shock pinks and yellows are groovy but a bit trashy maybe.

    All look

  6. Can I play or do I have to remain impartial? I think they’re all great, and I really like the more subtle ones at the end, but for me the impression those bold opening three create sets the right tone. I like the match best (no. 2) but the way people above have written THE BOMB in capitals makes me think that that might be the one which really comes across. Possibly reading too much into enthusiastic use of capital letters.

  7. I prefer the second – match & flame has a nice double meaning to it (fire can both destroy but also provide power for creativity), and I prefer the font of the first set of designs; the second set of designs is a little too like a school textbook in my view…

  8. I would say there are a lack of options, essentially two ideas, nicely presented, but still two ideas. For me number 1. Would of been nice to see more though.

  9. Hmmmn, none of them hit me but if I had to choose one to develop further I’d go for the first one!

  10. Numbers 5 or 7 for me. I was trying to think how it would appear in book shops (ha, how retro?!) alongside other business manuals. 1 is strong, but I think the socialist overtones might scare the horses a little – your book needs to reach a fairly mainstream audience to affect the change you intend – more Freakanomics/Malcolm Gladwell than Naomi Klein.

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