Culture Shock update


A quick update on the book.

The book is now at the final proof stage which means:

  • it has been professionally proofed
  • the manuscript now gets a final check from me and a proofreader
  • we add in the foreword, which is being written by the excellent Traci Fenton from WorldBlu
  • …and the endorsements saying things like ‘This book will save your world, your marriage, your Marmite supplies! – Brigadier F. Comelypants’
  • …some of which are also then added to the cover design
  • Finally it goes off TO BE PRINTED!

culture shock manuscript screenshot

There’s a blog post to be written another time about the strange experience of being a digital person, finishing a piece of work and then waiting 6 months to get it out the door, but not necessarily (or only) in a bad way.

So yeah.

By the way, if you happen to recommend the book to someone you can say to them, with steel in your eyes, that IT IS AVAILABLE TO PRE-ORDER ON AMAZON TODAY but this isn’t a big sales push just yet 🙂


Also, a new but intimately related project is that my company NixonMcInnes is putting on a proper one-day conference around very CultureShocky topics in this fine city of Brighton. That’ll be announced next week, but if the fire for a better world burns hot in you, get the 1st October in your diary… more to follow, comrades, more to follow.


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