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This is in two parts. Indulgent wallowing in post-Meaning Conference-ness. And then some links as per usual.

The Meaning Conference indulgence

Quite a momentous week – our inaugural Meaning Conference went off with a massive bang. I don’t really have a great deal to say yet, but here’s a nice photo of Vinay Gupta at a pivotal moment in his brilliant talk, taken by Beth Granter . (All of the speakers did an incredible job, IMO, I just love how this photo captures a moment in time).

Abundance breaks the financial system

And here are a few favourite tweets:

Even more satisying have been the tweets where people having been spreading ideas to their teams, following up conversations with speakers, making change happen or just reflecting (sometimes frustratedly). That is the mission of Meaning: to really, properly change business.

Official Meaning 2012 photos

Here’s a bunch of nice photos of Meaning available for you to use under Creative Commons licence.

Well done to our Clive Andrews for taking these – he did a brilliant job.

Be part of Meaning in 2013

If you’d like to get a heads up about Meaning 2013, drop an email to sayhello@meaningconference.co.uk.

We’ve set the bar. Next year we gotta go further, bigger in impact, strive hard to go further. That won’t be easy. But it’s a task with meaning…

Your dose of CultureShocky links

The Twitter spin room: What happens when politics goes real-time? One of the big ideas in Culture Shock is about this notion of ‘Change Velocity’ – that the information coursing around the world at a new, accelerated ‘real time’ speed demands organisations to move much faster. And that an organisation’s ability to keep adapting at speed will to some extent influence its likelihood of thriving. With that in mind, this is a really interesting look at US politics and the realtime-ness of debates and so on.

Great short video of Gore CEO Terri Kelly challenging the age-old model of the all-knowing, all-powerful leader. Nice and succinct. Follows up on the content in Culture Shock about Gore and their model of ‘followership’ vs. leadership. She uses the word ‘courage’. LIKE. ‘True leaders will be judged on how much of that power they distributed through the organisation’. Yes!

Campaign against Anti-Social Businesses & Organisations (ASBOs) – wonderful, important, catchy idea from Mark Pinsent, who I think of us as a real Culture Shock ally and advocate. Just the idea alone has a kind of power, doesn’t it? 🙂

Help Save Exeter Street Hall, Prestonville, Brighton – here in Brighton a group of people are on a mission to retain a community space and save it from being sold by a church to property developers. It couldn’t be more in keeping with the messages of Meaning and Culture Shock – and it’s real. These guys are serious and need the support of others – please check it out.

Please review Culture Shock on Amazon

Lastly, if you’ve read Culture Shock, please review it on Amazon – as short or long as you like, as negative or positive, it’s all up to you. But whatever form it takes, every Amazon review helps, my author friends tell me, and I WANT THESE IDEAS TO SPREAD! This isn’t about money – it is about profile and impact. I wanna make this happen. Thank you for your help 🙂

That’s it for this week, changers-of-the-world. ONWARDS.

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