Join us at Meaning 2013

At NixonMcInnes we work to change the world of business. Big mission for a small company, and to reach it we have to think about ways to intelligently expand our reach.

It was with that mission in mind we decided to put on an ambitious event that would bring together the people who we believed shared our view of the future of business.

We called that conference Meaning, and about a year ago 10 incredible speakers inspired and challenged the 300 of us in the Corn Exchange, Brighton. It was a brilliant, fun, inspiring day! (Do enjoy the videos if you have the time.)

If you follow this blog because of my book Culture Shock, then Meaning is the equivalent in an event form 🙂

And now it is that time again.

This year we have gathered a Pirate, a rogue economist, an artist, a social entrepreneur, a storyteller, a cooperativist and a provocateur to lift us, to help us see, think and feel differently.

Pretty cool mix!

I am extremely excited about how these guys will connect with the second Meaning audience on November 8th. We are based in our home city of Brighton, a city with an international reputation for being different, 20 minutes from London Gatwick airport, and 60 mins by train from London.

These speakers are part of a new generation that is shaping what business can be in the 21st century. Here we can learn from them, support them, connect with them. Most importantly, we can find our own ideas and answers, and go on to create more positive change in our own organisations.

This year we’re not starting from a standing start, and already 100 people have grabbed a ticket.

So if you’d like to give yourself a day to reconsider what business is and can be, to gather new perspectives and connect with interesting, different but likeminded people, then join us.


And as a new experiment we have 3 hands-on workshops delivered by 3 top-notch Meaning speakers where attendees can learn directly from the experts about making Behaviour Change, Workplace Happiness and Storytelling work in their businesses. Take a look at these workshops:

Mary-Alice Arthur – The story dojo: how to harness the power of storytelling
Alexander Kjerulf – Happiness is 9 t 5; how to create happiness at work
Prof. Karen Pine – Do Something Different; behaviour change in organisations

2103 speakers announced so far…

Umair Haque – rogue economist and Harvard Business Review writer and author
Mary-Alice Arthur – storyteller, author and Art of Hosting steward
Rick Falkvinge – founder of the Pirate Party political movement
Mikel Lezamiz – director at Mondragon, the giant Spanish co-operative
Anne-Marie Huby – CEO of JustGiving
Honor Harger – artist, curator and creative director at Lighthouse
Lee Bryant – social technologies visionary

So, if that sounds like your bag, we hope that you will join us on November 8th (or for workshops the day before too) and be part of this group of people intent on making business better.

Book your ticket today. I’ll see you there.

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