Last year was great in many respects.

Highlights in no order whatsoever were:

  • Going out for a burger and coming back with small, stupid tattoo
  • Doing Tough Mudder with my brother
  • Organising some of the social events for my Crossfit Connect fam
  • A brilliant trip to Denver with Max for the WorldBlu conference, seeing lots of old friends and then hanging out in the Rockies with Alexander and Jon and Max
  • Our younger boy learning to ride a bike 🙂
  • Going for a bloomin’ cold sea swim in January with Clive
  • Seeing more of my heroes speaking at the bigger and better second instalment of Meaning Conference (for videos, follow the link – there are literally five or six of the speakers who gave my ‘favourite talk of the day’, too hard to pick one, but favourite moment was when James from BrewDog got 300 odd people to open a can of Punk IPA at the same time)
  • The project that we did at NM with the smart, brave people at Orbit
  • Jumping onto the back of the crazy dragon that is Brandwatch, becoming part of something different for the first time in ~11 years, and especially working with our international teams and all of the different culture stuff (inc new food!) that brings
  • Being part of Rebuild 21 for the second time – I love those guys, and got to continue my love affair with Copenhagen
  • Crossfit, generally
  • NYC, generally
  • Instagram, generally

There were some very tough times too. I feel that I got lost in my latter period at NM, I made at least two crap decisions, two key relationships went wrong, and leaving was hard. So there were real lows, and the soul-searching that came with that was heavy.

Looking ahead, I’m looking forward to:

  • Exploring ‘Merica (and a bit more of Berlin and Germany, and wherever else our international expansion takes us)
  • Making a big impact at Brandwatch – I’m settled in, now it’s time to rev things up and enjoy the unbelievable opportunity we have
  • Seeing our kids evolve and change as they explore a new country and cultures
  • Having fun, generally, and staying fit whilst eating all of the things.
  • Doing some neat lil’ projects that haven’t even been conceived yet
  • Might do the NYC half marathon

Excited about 2014.

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