My sounds of 2015

The year

Seen as a whole year I can’t but help snark at myself a little for how easy listening these Tunes are. It’s like a poppy electro love fest. But then I think about the classic music I play at home (and was played at my home growing up) – Motown, The Eagles, Hall & Oates, Barry White, Bob Marley. I am what I am, I suppose. But then when I look at my favorite Mixes there’s a bit more edge (OK, only a bit more).

Anyway, these are those favorite tunes I came across and spent time listening to in 2015. Not all of them were released in 2015 – I don’t really give a fuck about that.

The tunes

Hello by Erykah Badu – this is a beautiful track. I just love it. Andrew 3000, tick. Erykah waxing lyrical, tick. Catchy, sexy, lovely ❤

Blackbird (Live) by Jordan Rakei – cover of a Fat Freddy’s Drop tune, just a beautiful funky mellow tune. Recommended by Arthur at work.

Another Love by Tom Odell – another smooth, upbeat, slightly lovey-dovey tune. Catchy. I must be getting old 😉

The Less I Know The Better by Tame Impala. Gorgeous float-away psychedelia. And one of three or more tunes from the album that I could have chosen. Brings to mind my brother Louis, when he’s in his lets-go-mode-but-not-yet-raging-hedonist-point, doing his hilarious dancing. He introduced me to this. Thanks brother. Play it loud and accompany with bubbles. Also works with headphones and eyes shut.

Steal by Maribou State. No surprises. Sultry, a bit moodier, but on the theme of the year: female vocals spread over electronic.

Fantastic Man by William Onyeabor. Different, brilliant, bizarre, and insanely catchy. Whole album is worth checking out. Music that makes me smile. Via my brother I think.

Get Over It by Bucie. I feel a guilty about including this one, because it won’t stand the test of time. It’s just a nice easy tune. But I have listened to it a lot. Thanks Arwa.

I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times) by Jamie XX. To be as talented as this guy. Wow. Anyway, this tune makes me want to be in London on a sunny day with a cold beer somewhere near a massive sound system.

Can I Get A… by Jay Z. Never been that big a fan tbh, and I’d never heard this until it came on at my gym and it was love at first listen. The louder you play it the better it gets. Yes. Nothing more to say.

F***in’ Problems by A$AP Rocky. What can you say. Probably my favorite hip hop tune of the last decade. Outstanding. Play it loud.

Grown Up by Danny Brown. Such a good vibe but an even better story. Head-nodding nostalgia. Brilliant lyrics. A-OK emoji.

Actin Crazy by Action Bronson – This whole album is good. I just love Action Bronson’s ridiculous exuberant lyrics. I originally got into Action via Ross who shared a video of him eating brisket; you must follow him on Instagram if only for his trademark #fuckthatsdelicious hashtag (he started out as a talented chef before going fulltime with music).


Whereas my Spotify listening has got noticeably poppier, this year more of my listening on a day to day basis has been in Soundcloud and I’ve loved finding whole new worlds of music I love that I’d never explored. More harder, faster, better music for me to work and exercise to, these are some picks.

GORGON CITY, KIDNAP KID & MY NU LENG @ W Los Angeles My go-to mix of 2015 (annoyingly on YouTube). Outstanding, not too lightweight, proper momentum but somehow, for me, never tips into too dark or heavy. Like a Goldilocks’ porridge but sexier 🙂 And with specific points where I can dive in and get right into a decent flow for work (50 mins ish, 1:25 ish in particular). Thanks Prycie.

Magic Tape 43 with The Magician Good bouncy fun-times mix, and lots of these Magic Tapes are great but none of the others start with as good an opener as this one 🙂 “MY FRIEND HAS A SWIMMING POOL!” whump whump whump. About 60% of the Soundcloud likes I have I owe to GT – thanks maestro.

RAP RIDDIMS & R&B STYLEEE MIX One of 4 insanely good Krazy Kids Radio mixes (also check out: Producers Mix, Morning Coffee and OG FM Gold), but I had to pick one so I picked this one from Fran – a friend of ours – because it is FANTASTIC. Love the individual selections but love even more how they’re blended. Perfection.

Anjunadeep Edition 41 with James Grant Earlier this year I was training for a half-marathon (thwarted by an injury that persists – bah!) but this was a gorgeous to-run-to mix. Flowy, lovely, deep house. Now when I listen to it I can place the landmarks at key points – the power station up in Long Island City, back over the Puliaski Bridge to light industrial Greenpoint. Thanks to Tom Farrand for this one (I think).

Weekend Workout: Episode 124 with Felix Cartel Don’t amble into this one. Ready yourself. This is the mix I use for quick nasty workouts. It starts with a slightly ominous grimey industrial vibe and quickly ramps into the ultimate ‘throw yourself at the wall repeatedly like a deranged animal’ session. Perfect for anything that requires intensity and pain 🙂  No idea who this was – Ross maybe?

That’s it. I loved music in 2015.

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