You know me, the President

I live in the future and I am the President / Prime Minister / CEO / Trustee / Mother / Father / Teacher / Religious or Community leader / person held ultimately responsible.

I am the guide, the role model, the leader, the holder of what is right and what should be.

I am, like you now are, in the public eye.

You can find photos of me, playing with friends, making rude gestures, drunk, sad, alone, with friends, high, doing things I shouldn’t be, wearing preposterous clothes.

Photos of me as a kid, as a teen, as young adult – it’s all there. First day at school, first day in a job, graduating from a college, first love, first tattoo / make-up / rebellious hair cut.

You can find words I wrote about streets, towns, cities, people, groups of people, the disadvantaged, ‘foreigners’ – disparaging, insulting, things written from passing trains, things written in bad moods, happy nothings, ‘what I had for breakfast’-isms, throwaway remarks preserved for ever more.

Reviews I wrote, fumbling exploratory blog posts I crafted, illustrations sketched, ideas half-developed.

Video upon video – built up over time like layers of soil and rock. Learning to walk, learning to speak, learning to ride a bike, learning to live. Hundreds, more like thousands of videos of amateur messy video of me, back then.

There are the streams of music I listened to, web pages I bookmarked, photos I shared, articles I commented on. Hundreds of thousands of emails. Video game scores, pseudonyms, handles, avatars and other identities.

It’s all there.

This is me, the President. You know me. So what is life like now?

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