Very good marketing outfits?

Question (from one of my business partners Pete Burden)

Can you tell me: if you were working in a big corporation or govt. organisation and you had a terrific totally new product that you thought was going to rock the world – a real game changer – not just a another washing powder to add to your already long list of cleaning and household products, which marketing agencies would you trust to help bring that to market in a stunning exciting way?

(Could be brand agency, could be advertising agency etc; but unlikely to be one of the big guys because this is so damn exciting that you wouldn’t trust one of the really big guys to do this in an exciting enough way…)
I didn’t have a particularly strong answer.
I said:
Really can’t think of anyone… 

I like people like Anomaly, Frog, IDEO and so on.
But they’re pretty established.

The guy that created Gu (those chocalate puddings) used Big Fish.

So I was wondering: who would you choose? Thanks in advance.

2 thoughts on “Very good marketing outfits?

  1. if I was going global big, it’d be W+K.
    If it was a thing that was particularly notable for being sustainable (it would be!), I’d call Futerra.

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