Liquid, Content Shifting, Longreads, Seven Bees burger night

4 things I’m really enjoying at the moment:

1. Stowe Boyd’s ‘Liquid World’ concept

We are clearly at the tipping point of a new era in computing, and we haven’t got a great name for it. Steve Jobs used a ‘post-’ characterization recently, saying that the iPad represented the gateway to the post-PC world. But we need a term to characterize what this is, not what it isn’t.

And what is it? It’s a convergence of a number of trends, some of which are more-or-less independent, but all are coming together in a class of new devices and the tools and practices that are popping up around them.


What is over the near horizon is a liquid world, in which social nets, ubiquitous connectivity, mobility, and web are all givens, forming the cornerstones of a vastly different world of user experience, participation, and utility. This is the new liquid world, just a few degrees away.

Mo’ here:

2. Fred Wilson’s ‘Content Shifting’ concept

This is an excellent recognition of something that’s been bugging me but it hadn’t got close enough to the surface for me to notice.

Once you use a service like Instapaper or Boxee Watch Later, this kind of thing becomes muscle memory. You want to be able to content shift everywhere and onto every device.


You get the idea. With the proliferation of devices and content types, all connected to each other via the Internet, content shifting is becoming a huge deal and a real pain point.

Some content shifting is pretty hard. Getting a song from Sirius XMU to is not straightforward. Getting Soundcloud playing on Sonos is not straighforward either…

Mo’ here:

3. ‘Longreads’ Twitter account

YES! Curation of the first order.

@longreads New York
The best long-form stories on the web. Great with Instapaper, Flipboard, Read It Later. Use the #longreads tag to share your favorite stories.

Mo’ here:!/longreads/

4. Seven Bees burger night

My favourite English breakfast serving and award-winning Seven Bees Cafe in Brighton run by the masterful and passionate Iain Chambers is prototyping an invite-only burger night, and I’ve heard that Iain has been reading up on In-n-Out Burger amongst others.

Holy shit I’m excited.

If anyone can nail this in my hometown it’s Seven Bees. SO EXCITED.

There is no link but there will be photos after 🙂

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