Open salaries on ‘Show Me Your Money’, Channel 4

If you follow this blog, I reckon you’re interested in progressive business practices.

You NEED to watch ‘Show Me Your Money’ from Channel 4 tomorrow evening.

It’s a documentary about a company experimenting with open salaries, something we’ve done at NixonMcInnes since our inception some 10 or 11 years ago. And something I write about and promote in the Fair Finances (chapter 8) of Culture Shock.

But whilst it feels right, and better, it’s not easy – in fact, it’s gotten harder for us as the years have progressed, so it’ll be fascinating to see how these guys (a plumbing firm, I believe) get on.

More from Channel 4 here:

So very, very Culture Shock and Meaning Conference eh!

Do let us know what you think… be great to hear reactions 🙂

(More exciting is seeing this movement grow, seeing the swell gradually build up into a rolling wave. This is the future of business. THIS IS IT, PEOPLE).

3 thoughts on “Open salaries on ‘Show Me Your Money’, Channel 4

  1. I was excited about this programme but as I watched it I was struck by its inauthenticity. It just didn’t feel real. There was no clear purpose behind the move to open salaries. It wasn’t tied into open book accounting, so there was no insight into whether the company could afford the salaries being requested – it it can afford it then why ask employees to redistribute? Also, the imbalance at the top was mentioned but didn’t seem to be addressed – why were employees unable to suggest that? It felt like all the benefit was to Charlie, to save him from having to decide what to give everyone – and there was no sense of a new process having been created that would solve the problem for the future. So – enjoyable TV but not a programme that will help change attitudes to open salaries.

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