Join us at Meaning 2012, an event on the future of business

With my clever co-conspirators at NixonMcInnes, I’ve been helping to organise Meaning 2012, an event about the future of business.

It is HUGELY exciting.

There are future tech conferences, events about employee ownership, about happiness, and lots more. But no one event – we felt – pulled all of the related strands that make up the progressive future business we want to see in the world. So we decided to put one on ourselves.

Our speakers are the very best in their fields, drawn from an international pool and are going to blow our minds.

So far we have:

•    Umair Haque, the mighty rogue economist and leading management thinker
•    Caroline Lucas, MP and Leader of the Green Party
•    Stowe Boyd, wise author and social tools researcher
•    Alexander Kjerulf, brilliant happiness-at-work expert
•    Vinay Gupta, inventor of the hexayurt and clear-eyed critic of the status quo
•    Margaret Elliott, employee ownership advocate and inspirational do-er
•    David Hieatt, founder of Howies, The Do Lectures and now Hiut Denim
•    Professor Karen Pine, infectiously upbeat and challenging behaviour change expert

And participants are signing up from all over the place.

If you’re interested in progressive business, in the topics I cover in my book Culture Shock (out this coming month!) and all that other good ‘let’s change this’ stuff, join us at Meaning 2012. It is going to rock.

Meaning 2012 conference tweet

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