Culture Shock is out – get ’em hot

Hello friends,

THE TIME IS NIGH! The book is out – see photographic evidence of a Culture Shock out in the wild on someone else’s desk.

culture shock book will mcinnes

Get yer copy, and please review it in Amazon and share your thoughts with me.

BUY NOW BUY NOW BUY NOW. <— I used to work in marketing.

For me personally it’s a weird old feeling, seeing a book come out with your name on it. I’ve moved from excitement and fatigue, post-completion, to antipathy and mild warmth in the quiet middle bit, to now a state of excitement and anxiety now that it’s no longer a game but a reality. Terrified of negative reactions, hopeful of new doors opening and a deluge of new connections with people that believe in the same things. Expect most first-time authors have felt something similar.

I know my publishers at Wiley (hi Jonathan and Megan!) feel we have lots to do on the promotion front, so I’m conscious of the mountain we need to climb there, and also of not spamming you guys in my immediate network too much. But you early believers and friends are the crucial first wave!

Thank you again for the help and support many of you gave along the way.

Got a nice bottle of wine to celebrate tonight with the Mrs.

With love 🙂


6 thoughts on “Culture Shock is out – get ’em hot


    I will grab a kindle version as sion as I get plugged back in with a keyboard

    Will McInnes wrote:

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