Your inbox

If your email inbox was an animal, what animal would it be and why?

I ask because I am interested in how we feel about email.

Bonus points for suggesting an animal for how you feel about your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram…

12 thoughts on “Your inbox

  1. Inbox: reptile… fast but creepy and potentially poisonous

    Twitter: bee… buzzy, chaotic, distracting and sometimes stings

    Facebook: honey monster… big, hairy, annoying, cheesy – but sometimes holds something ‘sweet’

  2. Something close to a Dodo.
    Extinct and flightless in most modern environments.
    To bulky to be used as a carrier pigeon.
    Soon to be replaced by tweeting and Lite species of EtherPad.

    Facebook = Mogwai. But expect midnight feeds.
    Twitter = Echinoderm. Marine animal; sea cucumber but beware of shark.
    Instagram = Chameleon. Amazing on the eye; ever changing.

    … procrastination achieved, now back to my accounts *~)

  3. My inbox is like a naughty puppy. Constantly demanding my attention and producing a whole lot of crap to deal with (or not).

    Twitter’s like a well-trained puppy. Happy on its own but a delight whenever I want to play with it. Can still be a distraction and has the ability to chew the table leg.

    Facebook’s like a cat. I don’t really like cats but whenever I come across one I spend an annoying about of time playing with it.

    Instagram’s like a tropical fish. Sits there in the background looking pretty, easily overlooked.

  4. Can I be the animal? (I can never answer a question straight!) – I’m a spider and my inbox is like a web but it catches far more than I can digest. I get a thrill everytime a there’s a twang but I often do no more than cursorily check what I’ve caught, never getting around to eating it.

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