Draft content

Hello! I’m writing a book. Here’s how and why.

Below are the extracts I’ve published so far. To be notified of each new extract, sign up for emails in the top right of this page or grab the RSS feed.

I will be thanking contributors in the published book ūüôā

Published extracts

Intro, foreword and so on, and then:

  1. Purpose
    1. Introducing Purpose of Significance
    2. Inspiring examples
    3. How to get there
  2. Democracy & Empowerment
    1. Why Democracy at work?
    2. Who can we be inspired by?
    3. How to get there
  3. People
    1. An introduction
    2. How to!
    3. Company case studies / who can we be inspired by?
    4. How to get there
  4. Leadership
    1. Introduction to 21st century Leadership
    2. What does progressive leadership look like?
    3. How do I go on this journey?
  5. Openness
    1. Why are progressive businesses open?
    2. 8 areas of Openness – areas 1-4
    3. 9 areas of Openness – areas 5 – 9
  6. Change Velocity
    1. Introducing Change Velocity
    2. Why embrace it?
    3. Personal factors and Organisational factors
    4. Behaviours and Counterforces
  7. Tech DNA
  8. Fair Finances
  9. Conclusions

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